Why hire lisa to speak?

Join Lisa R. Ealy —The 6-Figure Dream Job Mentor— to discover how you can love what you do. Ignite your dreams by connecting your passion to the Source and live a life of prosperity and purpose.

“Coaching others to better themselves is definitely Lisa’s passion.”

What Lisa does best…

Lisa R. Ealy is a powerful and charismatic speaker, mentor, minister and author who has depositing words of encouragement and wisdom in the lives of many. A devoted, focused and spirit-filled leader, Lisa has helped countless individuals with mindset renewal and clarity, spiritual direction and practical guidance through public speaking, workshops, consulting and mentoring.

Lisa founded Dare2Dream, a company which is focused on providing unique programs for spiritually driven professionals to develop their inner 6-Figure mindset. She is the author of Real Girlfriends Pray Devotional Journal, leads a weekly prayer call and host the podcast “Dare2Dream.” Each of these outlets focus on mindset preparation and renewal as Lisa believes in the power of the mind to drive success.

Lisa has been privileged to speak and conduct workshops for Prince George’s County Workforce Development Center, St. John Baptist Church, Olivet Institutional Baptist Church, Cory United Methodist Church and many other religious institutions. 

Lisa has devoted her life to transforming the world by inspiring joy and passion into the lives of others.

“From the first time speaking with Lisa I felt a kinship.”

What will the audience learn?

How To Manifest Your Mission Driven Mindset…

Are you are tired of being sick every Monday—in the wrong job but scared of facing rejection? Don’t dishonor your gifts or eliminate the possibility of helping to change the world.

 Join Lisa R. Ealy—creator of “Manifest Your Mission Driven Mindset and Purpose Bootcamp” and “Manifest Your 6-Figure Dream Job”—to discover how you can love what you do, ignite your dreams by connecting your passion to the Source and live a life of prosperity and purpose.

 In this action-packed talk, the audience will learn:  

  • Simple ways to renew your mindset to get clarity and focus
  • Three secrets to designing a life of purpose
  • How to reconnect to the Source to live a life of prosperity and purposefulness
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