Today’s episode is an interview with Heather D Horton of H- Squared Group LLC a certified Grief coach.


During the holidays many suffer from grief in silence.   Lost my first husband Rev. William Scott Wiggins Jr, in 2007. In addition to the loss of a grandmother, a hometown, two jobs and a cherished family dog in the short span of two years. I know all too well about grief and loss. I Heather shares critical advice on how to manage grief and loss not just during the holiday but as any time through the year.  I personally have found that my grief journey has been just that, but for some reason during the holidays, it becomes more acute. I am blessed to call Heather both friend and accountability partner. It is with great admiration that I bring Heather D. Horton, to the Dare2Dream, podcast listening audience.


Meet Heather:


Heather D. Horton is the CEO/Founder of the H-Squared Group, LLC, a location independent grief coaching and support practice currently based in Washington, DC.  She is a Certified from Grief to Gratitude™ Coach, Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist™, a Certified Professional Diversity Coach and a Certified Emotions Mentor.  She works with highly successful professional women who are ready to move beyond loss and grief to find purpose in their pain and reclaim their power.  Heather served the Federal government for more than 18 years, spending more than 13 years as a Tax Attorney/Manager. She is a native of Baton Rouge, LA and currently resides in Washington, DC. Heather has also lived in New Orleans, LA (Hurricane Katrina Survivor), Phoenix, AZ and Greensboro, NC. She is an alumnus of Southern University, LSU Law Center and Georgetown University Law Center. Heather loves attending sporting events, horseback riding, traveling the world, supporting the arts, zip-lining and spa retreats. She is an author, speaker, and doTERRA Independent Wellness Advocate.  Heather is the co-author of the anthology, “The Roots of Holiday Grief: Transcending the Holidays and Beyond” and the host of the Grief Unplugged podcast available on iTunes, Google Play and SoundCloud.



Show Outline:

  • Introduction of Heather D Horton
  • Heather D Horton overview of her passion and work
  • Loss versus Grief
  • Expiration of types of loss
  • Recommendation on of how you transcend grief through the holidays
    • Awareness
    • Short-term energy relieving activities (e.g. food, shopping)
    • Keep a holiday journal
    • Identify your triggers
    • Talk with safe people (coach, understanding person)
  • What drove the decision to Dare2Dreamhas gotten you to be successful?
    • Hard work
    • Determination
    • Faith in the Lord


  • Foundation of business “Start living and stop just existing.” Help others to teach this sooner.
  • How do you incorporate spirituality into your life and in your daily routine?
    • Daily prayer
    • Devotionals and scriptures
    • Amazon Prime stations and song recommendations (focused on gospel and Christian contemporary music)
    • Bible Fellowship International
    • Church discipleship and zip code groups
    • One thing to do if you are suffering from a loss?
      • E-book – 61 ways to Help you identify Grief and move through it.
      • Grief and recovery and not two words you see together
      • When you are ready to move beyond loss the Greif Recovery program is ready for you



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